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Alan Cave

Georges Alan Cavé (born in New York City on February 27, 1966), is a Haitian-American lead singer of the compas(kompa) band Zin.

Cavé's was born to Haitian parents, and spent most of his adolescent years in Haiti. His mother Yanick Jean was a writer, and his father was a poet, writer, and art director named Syto Cavé. Cavé often accompanied his famous father on his tours of the Caribbean (MartiniqueGuadeloupeSaint Lucia), France, the United States and Canada.

Surrounded by people who loved the arts, and born to writers, it was natural for Cavé to follow in their footsteps. During his adolescence, Alan frequently played guitar, belting out soulful and heartfelt words and melodies that, to many audiences, seemed beyond his age. Cavé's performance debut happened when an actor in a play fell ill and he was asked to sing the song "La Personne". The enthusiastic audience reception crystallized for Cavé the desire to have a musical career, and Alan Cavé became a household name in Haiti.

In 1987, he met with Alex Abellard and Eddy Saint-Vil to audition, and Cavé was quickly signed for the group Zin. The group released their first album, "O Pa", in 1989. More than two decades later, Zin's guitarist-songwriter Eddy St. Vil, keyboardist and leader Alex Abellard, and its 11 band members remain popular, with sweet ballads and traditional Haitian kompa grooves mixed with the sound of reggaerhythm and blues, and zouk. Cavé's voice, sometimes characterized as "seductive," considerably aided the success of the band.